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Wireless Level Transmitter for Remote Monitoring of Tank

Aug 11 , 2023

Compared with the submersible level sensor, the application and effect of wireless level transmitters are more likely to attract our attention. In fact, the answer to this question lies in what effect we want this sensor to bring. After all, their working principle, design concept and maintenance cost are all different. Therefore, we cannot judge the quality of a sensor by the price of a product.

As mentioned above, there are a few misconceptions about wireless level transmitters. I think the reason for this “misunderstanding” is that some people always insist on the mature technology of the submersible type level sensor, with stable quality and low maintenance cost in the later period. Although there is no Internet technology to support it, human intervention will not disturb their thoughts. But the truth of the matter is that “progress in science and technology is the primary productive force”. Nothing can be separated from the advantages of Internet technology. Sensors are developed based on the assistance of Internet of Things technology and cloud platform. In a strict sense, the Internet of Things technology is not a new technology. It is just a cloud platform built by the Internet of Things to transmit data for sensors, so that we can get accurate measurement data. Most of the industrial tank range is relatively large, once the length of the submersible type level sensor cable increases, it will affect the measurement accuracy, wireless level transmitter can avoid this shortcoming.

According to 85.78% of the user feedback, the wireless level transmitter is very effective for the monitoring of water tank level. The data is transmitted through the cloud platform, which is best displayed on the smartphone side. We do not need to manually intervene the sensor, but it’s shortcoming is that the price and maintenance cost are more expensive than the sensor.

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