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Wireless Water Level Sensor Used in Reservoir

Aug 11 , 2023

How to effectively monitor the water level of the reservoir is always our concern. But ever since the wireless water level sensor was developed, that worry seems to have gone away. It gives us a new understanding of wireless sensors, especially the best solution for water conservancy projects.

In the eyes of many people, wireless water level sensor is only an expensive level sensor, or a new type of industrial sensor, and it’s durability and stability in modern complex conditions, has yet to be verified. In fact, it is not surprising that we have this idea, because the industry is developing very quickly, so the technology of sensors is also updating very quickly. In terms of water level monitoring in reservoirs, most people will choose radar water level sensor, ultrasonic water level sensor, and some people will choose lower price submersible water level sensor. The above methods are not bad, they are just “Behind The Times” relative to Internet life. We are more willing to use the wireless water level sensor of Internet of Things. We only need to install the sensor beside the reservoir, and by setting the maximum and minimum value of water level, even if the water level has a little change, the measured data will be forwarded to the mobile phone through the cloud platform, so that we can monitor it in real time. As for it’s IP68 waterproof and battery powered technology is quite mature, so you don’t have to worry too much.

In my opinion, wireless water level sensor is the combination of water level sensor and Internet of things. It carries the designer’s dream for the measurement industry, and it is also a satisfactory answer to the inheritance of sensor technology by combining new technology.

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