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H8100 Multifunction Data Digital Display Instrument

HOLYKELL's "paperless" data logger is developed based on RJ45, printer or USB interface. It can not only provide on-site measurement data, but also recall historical data. Support standard voltage, current, resistance temperature measurement or millivolt signal output.

Application :

●Use with pressure, level and flow meter

●High-precision measurement

●Diesel generators


01"Paperless" design, environmentally friendly and supports multiple signal output.
02RS232/485, RJ45, printer or USB interface are optional.
03Display data in real time and recall historical data.
04One of the most professional manufacturers of digital display instruments in China.

Digital display instrument for data recording.

Technical Data

Measurement input



Input signal

Current:0~20mA,0~10mA, 4~20mA, 0~10mA evolution, 4~20mA evolution

Voltage:0~5V,1~5V,0~10V,  ±5V, 0~5V evolution, 1~5Vevolution, 0~20 mV,

0~100mV, ±20mV, ±100mV

Resistance thermometer detector:Pt100, Cu50、Cu53, BA1、BA2

linear resistance:0~400Ω

Thermoelectric couple:B, S, K, E, T, J, R, N, F2, Wre3-25 and Wre5-26




Output signal

Analog output:4~20mA(load resistance≤380Ω),0~20mA(load resistance≤380Ω),0~10mA(load resistance≤760Ω),1~5V(load resistance ≥250KΩ),0~5V(load resistance ≥250KΩ)and 0~10V(load resistance ≥500KΩ)

Alarm output:Normally-open output of relay,contact capacity1A/250VAC(Resistive load)

Feed output:DC24V±1,load current≤250mA

Communication output:RS485/RS232 communication interface,baud rate1200~57600bps(settable). The standards are listed as follows:MODBUS  RTU communication protocol,maximum RS-485 communication distance:  1km;maximum RS-232 communication distance:15m;Ethernet communication interface,communication speed10M,(merely applicable to Local Area Network)

Composite parameters

Measurement accuracy


Sampling period


Setting mode

Light-touch key setting; password locking of parameter setting value; permanent saving of setting value outage.


Display mode

7-inch 800*480 dot matrix widescreen, TFT high-brightness color graphic LCD, LED backlight, clear display and wide visual angle.  

The screen brightness is adjustable. The display contents consist of Chinese characters, figures, process curves and bar graphics. By pressing the key on the panel, you can complete page turning, historical data search and modification of curve time scale, etc.

Data backup

Support USB and SD card for data backup and transfer, maximum capacity: 8GB, support FAT and FAT32 formats.

Storage capacity

Internal Flash storage capacity: 64M Byte

Time interval of recording

Time interval for selection: 1, 2, 4, 6, 15, 30, 60, 120, 240 ( Unit: second)

Time duration of storage

(Continuous record without power failure)

4days(1-second time interval)—5825 days(240-second time interval)


(Note: Calculation of channel number: The program will divide the channel into five classes of 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64. When the channel number falls within the range of two classes, the bigger one should be taken. If, for instance, the channel number is 12, the number of 16 should be taken as the channel number.)

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