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US8000 Ultrasonic Level Sensor

US8000 Ultrasonic level sensor combines ultrasonic sensors, temperature sensors, ultrasonic servo circuit, transmission circuit and uses SMD components and ASIC. All these features realize a concise and smart level transmitter.

Application :

● Liquid level measurement

● Solid level measure

● Beverages level monitoring

● Non contact measurement in farm warehouse

01Support M49*1.5 mm threaded into type installation and coil clamping type installation
02Less than 9°C Beam angle design ,less than 200ms responsible time to make sure more accuracy
03Housing adopts the NLEPE synthetic material IP66 waterproof
04High quality terminal blocks ,Excellent anti-jamming is strong, long term stability

Holykell-Measuring Instrument

Technical Data

Level Range

0-5...70M optional

Accuracy 0.25%-0.5%FS


4-20mA/750Ω load resistance

1-5V/0-5V/0-10V(3 wires)

Bline Zone 25~120cm
Working Pressure 2 Bar


Power supply

220VAC+15% 50Hz
24VDC 120mA
12VDC (available to offer power by motor, battery or solar power and so on.)

Working temp


Resolution  3mm or 0.1%FS (Max of them)


English language display: Level measurement
Distance measurement, transmission value
Water Proof IP68 
Pressure port M68*2.0 male; G 1-1/2 " male; M108*2.0 male


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