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HR266 26G Radar Liquid Level Sensor

HR266 radar liquid level sensor , It is a non-contact, microprocessor controlled, easy to install and maintain digital level instrument.

Application :



●Corrosive liquids

●Liquid with foam

●Heap material field

01High precision; Strong anti-interference ability, not affected by temperature, humidity and wind power
02Simple installation and debugging; Low power consumption
03Beam angle is small, the energy is concentrated, can enhance the ability of echo and to avoid interference

Technical Data

Measurement Span

0 to 20 meters 

Signal Output:

4...20mA/HART (2 wires/4 wires) RS485/Modbus

Process Connection

Thread or Flanges

Medium Temperature


Process Pressure

-1Bar~1 Bar



Proof Grade



DC24V or 85-265VAC

The Frequency Span

up to 26G Hz

Explosion proof grade

Exib ⅡCT6 Gb

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