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HR265 Radar Distance Meter

Radar distance meter radar adopting the advanced dual-core radar technology,more processing capacity, more reliable system design, more than one core, more stable system.

Application :

● Monitoring the water level of lakes

● River courses

● Reservoirs

● Open channels

● Tidal water level

● Water level of Bridges

01A good measuring result will be got in the measuring process.
02Beam angle is small, the energy is concentrated, can enhance the ability of echo and to avoid interference.
03High signal-to-noise ratio, the level fluctuation state can obtain better performance.
04High frequency, measurement of solid and low dielectric constant of the best choice.

Technical Data

Measurement Span

0 to 70 meters

Signal Output:

4...20mA/HART (2 wires/4 wires) RS485/Modbus

Process Connection

PP/Stainless steel Bracket

Medium Temperature


Process Pressure

-1Bar~1 Bar



Proof Grade



DC24V or (RS485 is 6-24Vdc supply)

The Frequency Span

up to 26G Hz

Explosion proof grade

Exib ⅡCT6 G

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