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UE3006 Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor

UE3006 ultrasonic water level sensor combines ultrasonic sensors, temperature sensors, ultrasonic servo circuit, transmission circuit and uses SMD components and ASIC. All these features realize a concise and smart level transmitter.

Application :

● Non contact distance level measurement

● Food level monitoring

● Industrial fuel level measurement

● Tank level measurement

01Support M49*1.5 mm threaded into type installation and coil clamping type installation
02Less than 9°C Beam angle design ,less than 200ms responsible time to make sure more accuracy
03Housing adopts the NLEPE synthetic material IP66 waterproof
04High quality terminal blocks ,Excellent anti-jamming is strong, long term stability

ultrasonic distance sensor liquid distance measurement

Technical Data
Model: UE3006
Blind area ≥ 6cm(1m range);≥15cm(2m range)
Beam angle <9°
Accuracy  0.25%F.S. or 3 mm


0.1%F.S.(0.5mm min.)

Temp drift:

0.05%/ºC (build-in temperature compensation )

Power supply


Measuring Frequency

20 KHz~43.0KHz
Consumption  <1.5W
Min. resolution 1mm
Protection class IP65 (default); IP67, IP68 (customized!)
Operation temp -20℃ ~60℃
Housing  SUS304/Copper chrome plating/ABS
Cable User defined (with connectors) 
Φ41mm x 106mm x M30
Installation  M30*1.5 male thread
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