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Turbine Flow Meter HLY: Cost-effective Liquid Flow Monitoring Device

Sep 15 , 2023

Turbine Flow Meter HLY is designed to provide accurate, cost-effective and reliable liquid flow measurement in a variety of applications. And it functions and appearance have been upgrading to better suit the application requirements and users’ demands.

HLY is a liquid turbine flow meter, also a volumetric flowmeter, suitable for low-viscosity fluids without strong corrosion and impurities.Before choosing it, it is important to understand the specific working conditions to make the proper product selection.

Is Purchasing Turbine Flow Meter HLY A Good Decision

Is Purchasing Turbine Flow Meter HLY A Good Decision?

Is Purchasing Turbine Flow Meter HLY A Good Decision

The turbine flow meter HLY is a perfect cost-effective option for monitoring the flow of liquids such as water, wine, alcohol, gasoline, diesel, edible oils.


Turbine Flowmeter HLY Limitations

HLY is suitable for clean fluids only, and if the fluids are of high viscosity, strong corrosion, it is not recommended.

We offer turbine flow meters dedicated for gases and steam as well as other types of flow meters for various medium . You can contact us for a comparison.

Customer Feedback

Most of our customers use the turbine flow meter HLY for monitoring diesel, edible oils, water, and gasoline. And they have reported satisfactory performance in these applications.

If you are looking for a cost-effective flow meter for measuring these fluids, the HLY is a preferred choice due to its reasonable price, high accuracy, and long service life.

However, if you are looking for a flow meter of a higher accuracy or would like to directly measure the mass, not the volume, of these fluids, then you may consider a mass flowmeter

Mass Flow Meter

A mass flow meter is a device used to measure the mass flow rate of a fluid or substance as it flows through a pipe or conduit. Unlike turbine flow meter and other volumetric flowmeters, which measure the volume of a fluid, mass flowmeters provide measurements in terms of mass units (e.g., kilograms or pounds) per unit of time (e.g., seconds or minutes). These flowmeters are employed in various industries and applications where knowing the mass flow rate is critical. They offer the highest accuracy(0.1%F.S) among other types of liquid flow meters, but they also come at a higher price.

mass flow meter


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