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HVAC&R Pressure Sensor Transducer Transmitter

This HAVC pressure sensor is specially developed for refrigerant pressure measurement. It uses ceramic capacitive sensitive components and measures absolute pressure and sealed gauge pressure.

Application :

● HVAC System


● Air conditioning refrigeration unit

● Compressor

● Air source heat pump

01Ceramic capacitor core, anti-corrosion and signal interference resistance
02Enhanced accuracy over broad operating temperature range, -35°C to 105°C
03IP66 conformal coating applied, moisture-proof and anti-condensation supported
04Small temperature drift, 3 times burst pressure max, high reliability

SS3    SS304 and brass housing optional, most media compatible


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Technical Data
Technical Data for Model HPT300-C3. Please contact us to get more models support for your projects.

Pressure Type

Absolute(A)/sealed gauge(S) pressure optional

Pressure Range

-1-0-10 bar...65barS; 0-10...50barA optional

Accuracy (At 25°C)

≤ ±1.0%F.S (Typical)

Electronic connection

Packard Metri-Pack 3 Pin connector

Pressure connect port

7/16-20 UNF-2B


0.5~4.5V ratiometric

Power Supply




Working Temp.


Temp. Compensation


Medium Compatible

SS304/brass and ceramic compatible

IP rating






Download Technical Sheet. 

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HPT300-C3 HVAC Pressure Sensor

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HPT300-S1 Compact Pressure Sensor

HPT703 Micro Differential Pressure Transmitter

Please contact us to get more models support for your projects.

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